Online Presence – Ghosts from the past

I googled my name and what I found wasn’t too scary. My LinkedIn, Twitter and Research Gate profile were easily visible. Also my Flickr profile from when I was 14 so a pubescent boy who (fingers crossed) doesn’t look like the rest of my photos. Also I’ve forgotten my email so I’m not sure how to delete that profile. Thankfully it is an innocent photo of me with a grainy webcam photo before filters and decent cameras.


I have found Twitter invaluable so far. I am able to speak to other students across the world, see what they are doing for their PhD and see what leading academics in the field are doing. Also it is a great platform for seeing what the latest drag queens, youtubers, and comedians which make the site even more enjoyable.

Twitter will be a very useful tool when it comes to recruiting participants for my PhD. However, it is also an excellent way to see the latest research in the field.

Hopefully no accounts from the past come back to haunt me…

Blog post 1 = Thing 1: Social media, a complicated relationship.

I have chosen to undertake 23 Things for Research over the next few months, a self-directed course providing tools for researchers. There may be posts that seem out of place or irrelevant but bare with me through those.


Social media has become a part of our everyday lives, it makes sense for it to be a part of the PhD/research process. Unfortunately, I spend too much time on my phone and in-turn spend too much time on social media. Social media is a useful tool (in moderation), otherwise, it adds to the ever-mounting pressure of self-criticism and comparison. 

For example, scrolling through Twitter on Christmas Day or over the Christmas break, there were far too many people explaining how they had no time to stop, they spent Christmas day working or reading *only* 12 journals #badstudent. I understand that if they do not celebrate Christmas then go ahead and work, but we need to learn to rest.

There is a culture of publicly declaring how hard one is working, I don’t know whether this is to make themselves feel better or to create a community that encourages one another, to work.

I use social media too much, I go into social media comas of liking artsy photos on insta or reading terrible tweets on twitter. I also enjoy a good youtube blackhole where I end up watching the weird and wacky. Facebook I reserve for friends and family, here I watch terrible cat and dog videos or read some questionable journalism from a random facebook group. I am no saint when it comes to social media use, I enjoy it but do not enjoy the anxiety inducing bouts of self-doubt and questioning my every move. Am I good enough? Am I worthy? Are my pictures nicer? Why have I only got 3 likes? Should I be doing a PhD? Am I clever enough?

Social media can and I would argue is amazing but like all good things, must be enjoyed in moderation.